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Visual Basic Error 713
Run-Time Error 713 Opening Data Report in Distributed Application

If you are working on a VB (Visial Basic) application and you get this error, "Run-time error '713': Application-defined or object defined error " when you attempt to open a data report, it may be a sign that the file Msdbrptr.dll is not included in the setup package and thus not on your machine.

Visual Basic installs two files, Msdbrpt.dll and MSdbrptr.dll, that are very similar. Both files are listed in the References dialog box as Microsoft Data Report Designer v6.0. The Msdbrpt.dll file is the Data Report designer, and the Msdbrptr.dll file is the Data Report designer runtime. You must distribute the run-time version of this file with your application. There is no dependency file for Msdbrpt.dll. If Msdbrpt.dll is installed with your application, a data report does not function correctly.

To resolve this problem, use one of the following methods:

Open your project, and include a reference to the Msdbrptr.dll file. This file is listed as Microsoft Data Report Designer v6.0 in the References dialog box. You may see Microsoft Data Report Designer v6.0 listed more than once. Make certain that the file associated with the reference is Msdbrptr.dll. Once the reference has been verified, rebuild your setup package.


Manually include the Msdbrptr.dll file in the Package and Deployment Wizard (PDW). You can add the file manually in the Included Files dialog box window when you run the PDW and then rebuild your setup package.

After the installation, the following files should be present on the target system in the indicated folders:
\Common Files\Designers\Msderun.dll

The inclusion of Msdbrptr.dll (and its dependent files) typically corrects this problem. If you are still experiencing problems, make sure that the following files are included in your package:
Data Reports do not directly depend on these files. However, if the files are missing, this can affect the Data Environment that is used by your report.

NOTE: If your application must have the Msdatsrc.tlb file, do not explicitly include this file because Msdatsrc.tlb is installed as part of the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) upgrade.

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