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Dial Up Networking Error 713
No active ISDN lines are available.

This is not a very frequest error, since very few modems internal to PC's are ISDN modems. In most cases users will have an ISDN modem in their router (eg: Cisco 762, 802, Netopia, etc..) For users that do have an ISDN modem inside their PC and get this error they should check:

  • 1. Check the physical phone cord/connection, re-seat the phone cord into the modem. All the usual physical things

  • 2. Is there another program currently controlling or using the modem? If so stop that application.

  • 3. This is the part specific to ISDN. you need to dial the compete number, also, in many modems, you must enter your ISDN phone number (also called SPIDS), and you must enter them exactly. This acts much like MAC address authentication in the telephone world. Also, the SPID is not just your 10 digit ISDN phone number, there is also a 00 or 01 at the end of the SPID.. THIS MUST be entered, and it the biggest cause of users with ISDN issues. They always forget the 00 or 01 at the end of the SPID.

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