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Dial Up Networking Error 782

Network Address Translation (NAT) is currently installed as a routing protocol, and must be removed before enabling Internet Connection Sharing

This is another unusual error... The culprit of this error is usually someone who has been playing with their computer to much, and keeps installing more and more windows components.

Knowledge is a dangerous tool in this case. NAT (network address translation) is a routing protocol you would see on every home router where you connect your home network to the internet (your isp), which separates and protects you from the outside world.

The key here is that you would not run NAT and use windows internet connection sharing from the computer at the same time, which in essense is running two NAT's...

To fix this issue, disable or uninstall NAT routing on your computer (to install it, you had to know what you were doing and looking for under installed windows components).

Better yet, use a home router (very cheap) and run a true network and do not rely on windows internet sharing for your home network.

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