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Dial Up Networking Error 797

- The modem could not be found.

Fairly self explanitory issue.

If you have an external modem, check that it is turned on, (lights on) and check the cables, hopefully none are loose.

If this is an internal modem, you could go to system in the control panel and see if there are any little 'x''s for exclamation marks on anything (ie: the modem)..

Are there any applications open that were using the modem? (Procom, Fax Software, Ansering Machine software, etc.. Close these applications down, and reboot the computer.

If after the reboot, you still have the issue, grab your original modem driver disks off the shelf, uninstall the modem, reboot again and reinstall the modem.

If you still have an issue, use a different computer to download any new driers for your modem, that might solve it.. or perhaps your modem just died.. Borrow a friends extra modem, install that and if it works, send your modem to the electronics recycling people and buy a new modem.

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