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Dial Up Networking Error 798

A certificate could not be found that can be used with this Extensible Authentication Protocol.

Odd infrequent error.

If you are using a modem and dial up networking to connect, chances are you would not use EAP and certificates to connect to an ISP.
Now if this is a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection for your company, yes you could use EAP.

Suggestions, if you know you don't use EAP go into the connection settings for your connectoid (the dial up networking settings for your connection) and uncheck "Use EAP authentication"
If your company (enterprise) requires EAP authentication, first thing that needs to happen is that your company will push or install a 'certifice' on your PC/laptop. This error sounds like that process of installing the certificate hasn't been completely. I'd call your companies helpdesk and open a ticket with them.

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