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Android Errors

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Android Error Codes

In the ever changing world of Cell phone operating systems, Android is a market leader. Even with a great smartphone operating system, errors do pop up for any number of reasons (Cellular provider issues, third party application, user problems, etc..)
This list is a collection of Android Errors/Error Codes and their solutions/explanations in simpler terms.

Note:These 'solutions' are recomendations based on tech support reps experience with the error code reported.

Error #Solution ProvidedError Message
YesAndroid Marketplace Download Unsuccessful
67YesData call failure- Error code 67
97YesSMS Error Cause Code 97 Class 2.
101YesMarket Error 101 Download Failed.
128YesData call failure- Error code 128
Yes Error While Syncing Android Device
InfoHow to install Apps from Sources other then the Android Market.
ReviewHTC Magic Review.

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