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"The port was disconnected due to hardware failure."

This error is pretty straight forward. It means that the hardware failure is with the modem on your computer.

I would also just give your computer a quick reboot. Might sound funny, but it works on many occasions.

Check the Dial Up Networking Connectoid to make sure the correct modem is listed there. If not, change it and try again. Also you might want to try uninstalling, rebooting then reinstalling the modem with the manufacturers driver disk.

If you recently used an init string, and this is the result, remove the init string and try again, or changethe init string to AT&F or whatever it was previously when it was working.

Physically removing the modem, and replacing or reseating the modem (in regular PC or laptop) is another option.

I'd turn the volume up on the modem, and listen to the connection, this is good information for your ISP's tech support. You will hear the modem tones, but at the end, you should hear a connection where it goes silent... and if it doesn't and just is an endless single tone, I'd suggest using an init string to lower your modem's speed, get online at the slower speed, then download newer drivers for your modem. You can also play with init strings to give your modem the higher speed but remain stable as well.

Again, check the phone cord for damage, use a different phone cord/phone jack, and check the line for static or poor quality sound.. The poorer the sound, the lower maximum speed you can achieve, and in many cases, this can stop you from getting a connection altogether. Init strings can be also be used again to tweak the connection speed and stability in some cases.

Might possibly be a dead/defective modem to....

Here is an official Microsoft Article and another Microsoft Article on Troubleshooting this error.

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