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"The Remote Access server is not responding."

This error message is generally represents an error with your modem or an error with the modem of the ISP you are dialing into.

First thing, turn up the modem volume, and listen to the modem connecting. Do you hear the loud buzzing sounds (like fax sounds), if you do, that means that your modem and the modem on the ISP's side.

If you hear no 'fax type sounds' and just ringing and ringing and ringing, that means that the other side isn't picking up, so check the phone number you are dialing, or maybe check to see if your ISP has an alternate number to dial, and give that a try... Possibly the ISP is having a problem with some lines coming into their modems, or their modems are offline. Maybe give their tech support a call to see if they are having any issues.

If you do hear modem/fax buzzing/beeping sounds, then that means that your modem, and your ISP's modem aren't handshaking properly. Here are some things to try.
- check the settings in your connectoid (the connectoid is in dial up networking). Check the manual from your ISP, and make sure all the correct settings are there... Many times "log on to network", "netbeui" and "ipx/spx" are checked when then shouldn't be.. - lower your modem speed. Many times either you or your ISP have older modem drivers and that can cause issues with connecting properly. If you lower your speed to 33.6 kpbs for your 56k modem, that usually allows you to get a good solid 33.6 connection, which will allow you to get online, go to your modem drivers website and download new drivers if some are available. - also init strings can sometimes give you a more stable connection.

This error can also be from your DSL connection to.
- for DSL, check to make sure you have sync on your DSL modem. If you don't have sync, check the line, all the filters etc in your house, and if all is fine, call your ISP's tech support and they can call the telco and get them to check the dsl line card in the telephone company's Central office to make sure it is ok. - if you have sync on your dsl modem, you might want to recreate your DSL connectoid, much like a dial in connectoid. I've seen that sometimes windows loses all the settings for your DSL connection, and just running the 'make new connection' works to recreate it properly.

Here is an article from Microsoft about this error as well.

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