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Error 676 - The Line is Busy

This error usually means that the modem received a busy signal from the other end.

Most Common Causes are:

  • - The modem you are dialing is busy.. Hang up and try again, or grab a coffee and try later. Some ISP's have times of the evening (8pm on monday nights) where they can be at capacity and have no free modems to answer your incoming modem.
  • - If you hear a busy signal that is quicker then normal, that's referred to as a 'ast busy' and signifies a problem with the telephone company.
  • - If you never receive busy signals from your provide, doublecheck the phone number you entered to ensure it is correct, typos do happen and you could accidentally be calling a wrong number.

    In Most cases, it's a capacity issue with your ISP and either they are short of modem lines, or have equipment down, and can answer less than the normal capacity of calls.

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