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Error 679 - Cannot Detect Carrier

This error usually means that the modem cannot detect the signal on the phone line.

Most Common Causes are:

  • - Phone line not connected properly, pull out, plug back in both ends.
  • - No dial tone, dead line, call your telephone company (on your cell phone or another working line)
  • - Do you need to dial a number to get an outside line? If so, enter it at the start of the number to be dialed, eg: 9,,41612345678
  • - Do you have any other programs running that might have control of the phone line? (og: procom, fax software, etc..).. If so, stop these applications and see if that helps.

    In Most cases, it's a physical line issue, dead (cut) phone line are the most common causes. If you can pick up another phone (on hte same line) in the house, and you have dial-tone, you can narrow the problem down to the source.

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