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"No Dialtone."

This one is pretty self explanitory.

Essentially, the user is having a problem with their phone line. Possible causes and solutions are:
1. Make sure the modem is plugged in and working properly, is it new? has it always worked?

2. Double/triple check the phone cord, make sure it hasn't accidently become a little bit loose.

3. Plug a regular phone into that jack or the modem on the back of your computer and see if you get dialtone and can make outgoing calls.

4. Doublecheck to make sure you have no software on our computer that also is using the modem, answering machine software, fax services et...

5. If you still have your modem software/manual, you could possibly uninstall the modem, reboot and reinstall the modem, but usually the issue lies with one of the first 4 options above.

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