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"Hardware failure in port or attached device."

This again is generally a hardware/software issue with the Modem.

1. Check to make sure there there aren't any other modem pieces of software running (fax software, answering machine software. If so close the applications, and/or restart making sure the other applications aren't running, and try it again.

2. Check modems in the control panel to make sure your correct modem is listed... and not 14 other modems that were accidentally installed.

3. Check your dialer to make sure it is using the correct modem from modems in the control panel, if it isn't, change it and try again.

4. If you have your manufacturer cd/disk for the modem, possibly uninstalling, reboot and reinstalling the software for the modem.

5. Possibly a defective modem, if you have a different modem, I'd suggest pulling out your old modem and installing the new modem.

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