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Error 766 setting up VPN connection client.

Error also titled, "The system could not find any certificate." for Windows XP/2000/2003

This is a very very rare error message.
Essenaily in your VPN setup, you don't have a valid certifiate. Generally if you work for a company, there is a problem either with the certificate your IT department assigned to you from the CA (certificate server), or the certificate was not stored on your PC or possibly the location your IT department stored the certificate.

If this is your personal PC (not work related) you need to generate a certificate for your VPN client and store it in the directory the VPN client is looking for it(you can find this in the VPN client)..

Here are some links from Microsoft regarding this setup:

Installing Certificates for VPN Connections

Deploying Certificate-based Authentication for VPN Connections

Cisco - Digital Certificates/PKI for IPSec VPNs

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