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Error 772 - The remote computer's network hardware is incompatible with the type of call requested.

This error is usually a dial up networking error but the cause many times is a related program that has control of your modem (eg: procom, voicemail software, fax software that is minimized or still running).. Check for applications first.

Use a regular phone to dial the number from your connection.. Does it ring like a modem? or just ring and ring and ring? or a fast busy signal?

If a modem answers, then time to check your connection, maybe a few commas after the phone number to give it a bit more time, reducing the speed from 117200 to 38400, or possibly an initialization string for your modem.

If the problem still exists (and you've installed nothing new, made eny changes, etc.. deleted your dial up connectoin and recreate it, if it still doesn't work, remove and reinstall Dial up Networking, and as a last ditch, maybe uninstalling and reinstalling the modem will help.

Or maybe, just maybe.. the computer/modem on the other end is buggered...

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